What we do...

  • supporting electrical contractors for pole installations

  • power pole installations (steel, concrete and treated timber)

  • security camera poles

  • removal of power poles

  • storm damage and repairs

  • temporary power poles for building sites

  • relocation of property poles

  • installation of light poles

  • installation of poles for golf course nets

  • replacement of telegraph poles

  • installation of steel poles up to 35m height

Pole Holds...

The cost of moving or de-energising an existing power pole with electrical infrastructure is prohibitive and time consuming. A logical and cost effective approach is to secure the pole from any movement during adjacent civil works until they are completed. We have extensive experience in pole holds and supporting civil projects:

  • skilled operators and specialised equipment

  • large bore sewerage works down to 10m depths

  • coordinating with local government services

  • inner-city utility replacement - drainage, water, gas and sewer

  • overnight monitoring of equipment in-situ

  • securing poles with power and subscription service cables energised

  • compliant with electrical authority requirements and procedures